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Our Video Travel Diary

I’ve been going back and forth about this and whether I could actually picture myself talking on screen. We have 7 weeks until our flight to Malaysia and I always kind of hoped I could document the trip in some way. The idea was to blog about the trip and post pictures on Instagram. But after doing research on social media and how people engage I thought it would probably be more personal and engaging to actually video our whole experience and talk to you in person alongside this written blog. Im enjoying writing so much I don’t want to stop it.

I am not a screen person in the slightest and I think that's what has put me off doing this so much. I'm not the most confident or out-going person but I sat down earlier this week and just thought it’s something I really want to do. I’ve also been working a lot on fear and letting go of negative thoughts and instead throwing myself into something new. So on Wednesday evening I sat and spoke to my camera. I did 3 or 4 attempts saying the same thing… there were probably a thousand ‘umms’ in there, some face touching out of discomfort and I did ramble on a little. But when I looked back I was actually pretty impressed with how I came across. Keep an eye out on Instagram as I'll share one about this post.

So here we go, I’m going to bring you a video diary of our travels, along with regular Instagram stories, posts and blogs on the world of travel during COVID. If there is anything along the way that you want to ask about or want me to show or cover in any of the channels feel free to drop me a message, after all, the world of travel is going to look completely different now.

So to start off, what have we been up to pre flight. Lists, lists and lists! With lockdown we put everything on hold in terms of planning. But now suddenly with places opening for travel we’ve realised just how much we have to sort out… what are we going to do with our flat, what vaccinations do we need, can we get travel insurance, what hotels and hostels can we stay in, what do we need to pack… the list goes on.

First off there are around 50 countries that the FCO have listed as being safe for travel. Don’t be fooled by this list though as it is important to check the specific countries entry requirements. For example, Malaysia is on the list of countries that the FCO has opened however if you look on the Government website they are still not allowing anyone into the country until the 31st August. Check before you book anything to ensure you will actually be allowed into the country! I called the Malysian Embassy in the UK to get an idea and they are pretty sure that foreigners will be allowed in after the 31st of August. If not then we will be re routing! Again we have checked that this is possible with our airline.

Also on the list this week was vaccinations. We contacted our GP’s to get a list of the vaccinations we had and what we needed, you should also be able to access this through Patient Access (you’ll just need to get permission from your GP - they should send you through details). As travel is only just opening up most GP surgeries are not doing any vaccinations so we have been looking into private travel clinics. You can find them easily online, places like Boots and Superdrug often offer it too. Just be wary though as some of them are pretty expensive!

I’ve also spent time researching great travel blogs that give tips on what to pack. I have 5 main lists; Documents/Essentials, Clothes, Toiletries, Medical and Miscellaneous (for all those random things that have no home!) They do keep growing but I find it’s the best way to stay organised and not miss anything. And hey, if we do miss something, I’m sure Asia will have an alternative!

So thats as far as we have got at the moment. I know some people won’t be travelling for an extended period like we are but hopefully this blog and my other channels will give you some reassurance, inspiration and guidance as you start to plan your first trips post covid. As mentioned if there is anything you want to see from me in the blog or on Instagram just comment below or send me a message and I’ll make sure to start including it.

Thanks for reading and I’m excited to have you join us on our adventure!

Neelam x

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